Enables You & Everyone Nearby To:

  • Introduce Yourself

  • Share Information

  • Answer Questions

  • Provide Services

  • Offer Feedback

  • Get Help

  • Provide Assistance

  • Find Work

  • Educate

  • Trade


Create digital cards containing videos, images, text, hyperlinks and other information that are optimized for display on mobile devices.


Share content with other nearby users via smartphone, Bluetooth beacons, as well as printed QR Codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) stickers.

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Discover and access the content being broadcast by other nearby user's via their smartphones, personal bluetooth beacons, QR Codes or NFC stickers.


Save nearby content to review later. The Beekmarks app will automatically save the date, time and location so users can keep track of exactly where and when each encounter occurred.

Let Beekmarks Empower Your Community

Put the power of a Proximity-based, Real-time, Search, Publishing and Broadcast system in to the hands of every member of your community.

The Beekmarks App enables individuals to share information with one another when it matters most, when they are in each other's physical presence.

The Beekmarks Platform allows business owners to provide hyper-relevant contextual messaging to the individuals visiting their properties.

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Empowering Individuals

Beekmarks gives you the ability to instantly Create, Share, Search for & Save any information you like with those physically closest to you.

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Connecting Customers

Inform your community of the unique goods and services your locations have to offer while encouraging more person-to-person social interactions between your visitors.

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Reaching Citizens

Use the power of context and proximity to make information available to people at the times and locations it is most impactful to them.

Tailored Solutions for Every Customer.

Beekmarks is about so much more than technology.

We understand the challenges and goals of each community are unique. Our hands-on support model reflects this. Let us work with you to uncover the best ways of creating data-rich public environments that will engage minds, encourage participation and empower all.

What Problem Does Beekmarks Solve?

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    "Individuals have long sought a frictionless way of introducing themselves to one another when gathered together in public spaces. Business owners and local organizations need an easily accessible way of providing relevant, contextual messaging to their local communities.

    Beekmarks addresses these shared needs by connecting businesses more closely to the communities they serve and people to one another when it matters most, when they are in each other's physical presence.

    Times and technology have certainly changed but the power and immediacy of connecting with those physically closest to us has not.

    At Beekmarks we believe that everyone has something to offer to those they encounter on their way through life and it's our mission to create the tools and services that will enable and maximize those opportunities."

    Stephen McCall - Founder/Lead Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Beekmarks is one of the only systems of its kind allowing for bluetooth communication between both iOS and Android devices.

Below are the current minimum system requirements for those devices:

  • iOS 8 or later
  • Android 4.4 and up

No. An internet connection provided either via Wi-Fi or cellular network is also required. Beekmarks content can also be assigned to QR Codes and NFC stickers.

As an individual some examples might be contact information, physical items you have with you for sale, descriptions of your services, skills or promotions for local events, charities etc.

As a community center or co-working space owner some examples might be a members list, surveys, hours of operation, contact information, instructions on how to use the local printer or coffee service, room booking services etc.

The Beekmarks publishing platform can be accessed using any desktop or laptop computer using any modern browser or via either our Android or iOS applications.

Content can be broadcast either via a user's cell phone or via low-cost stationary beacons placed strategically throughout an environment or via printed QR Codes or NFC stickers.

Utilizing the privacy, filtering and keyword features of the app allows you to create content available only to specific subsets of users.

More questions? Contact us and let's talk about it.

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